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Interview with Flat Foot, black-red lovers.


Flat Foot is a Swiss rock band. The winners of “Svensktoppen Nästa Dalafinal 2014” and they rock’n’roll in pubs, festivals, parties, events, clubs and stages of all sizes and shapes. They came to Moldova for their tour and had concerts in Chisinau, Tiraspol and Comrat cities.

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Members: Lars Andersson- vocal and guitar, Richard Norberg- bass, Olle Karvonen- drums, Micke Hyvärinen- guitar, Philip Stjenberg- percussion, Viktor Backlund- trumpet and keyboard.


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1. What does your band name mean and how did you get to it?

Mainly it’s just a name, but when we started this band we had an idea to be like bad policemen. So, we had uniforms, like American policemen. In America, the slang for police, the foot patrolling is flat foot. It’s just a short sweet name.

2. How did you begin to perform as a band? How did you meet?

We started 23 years ago with the bass player, Richard. We played together in an American rock band called King Raps, so we got to know each other and after some years, we wanted to make our own band. We wanted to do our own songs and things.
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3. What has been your biggest challenge as a band?

To rehearse because we live in different towns, so we only meet when we go on tour. It’s a struggle for us to meet and rehearse and make up new songs. Our vocalist sits home, writes songs and sends them to us. We say, “this is crap, write another song” and then we have other songs.


4. Could you briefly describe the music-making process?

Okay, it starts in my head, something I see on TV or something from my experience and then I play rhythms on my guitar, finding some melody I like. Then I have some ideas for lyrics, put everything on my laptop, record demo and send it to guys, so they could say ”Yes we like this” or “No, we didn’t like that”. Many lyrics come from our experience on tours.


5. Do you have other jobs or music is the only source of income?

Some of us, we work in organizations, we have a student, the trumpet player, Viktor, he is going to become a priest, and our drummer works with old people, he takes care of them.
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6. How do you handle mistakes during a performance?

Mistakes? No! We don’t make mistakes, if someone does something wrong we don’t have problems with that, it’s okay. People who see us, they don’t know how it is supposed to sound. It doesn’t matter.
7. The craziest adventure of yours?

The second tour to China, because what you see on TV is very different in real life, it is a different picture. We traveled there by train and you know that the train station in China is bigger than the Chisinau airport. It was incredible.
8. Can you say some words about collaboration with POT festival and your tour in Moldova?

We met with Igor (POT organizer) in Sweden and we started talking about things we could do together. He called us when we were in Canada and asked: ”Guys, do you want to come to Moldova in 3 weeks?” and we said: “Yeah, let’s do it”.
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“Play hard! Play fast! Play loud!”
“Make sure that you have fun!”

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10. What are your future plans?

We want to make a new album for this spring and we’re planning for the next tour here, in Moldova, maybe in Romania and Ukraine for this summer.


11. Where do you perform most frequently, home or abroad, and how many tours have you had so far?

Mostly in Sweden, it’s 50/50. In the beginning, it was mostly in Sweden, but then we had tours all around the world, in Belgium, Estonia, China, Germany, Canada, and Finland. We think we’ve had 10-15 tours.
12. Have you any advice for start-up bands?

Practice a lot, before you start playing, make sure that everybody wants the same, respect each other and love.
13. Have you a favorite band or song?

We listen to different styles, but we like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Beatles, The Coasters. Something like this.
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14. What did you like most in Moldova?
Friendly people, everyone we met was so nice, so open. Your wine is also very tasty.


15. What about your look on stage?
We always wear black and red, because we have to be united as a band and it looks good. Black is not to make you so fat. It is quite important to get an identity and the public should observe you and say “Oh! The band is coming in!”
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16. In the end maybe you have some words for your audience.

Yeah! We just want them to come and have fun with us, don’t be afraid, we want to meet you! “Come together!”

Interviu realizat de Vendereu Iuliana
Fotografii realizate de: Yevhen Karuzo, pentru MOnKEY.FM


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